Cymbal Resonance System

New invention for drums and percussion. Makes your cymbal stand a combination of a suspended stand and a traditional stand. CRS isolates the cymbal from the stand completely. This allows the cymbal to resonate freely and steadily on your stand, and without rattles. CRS also prevents vibration transferring to drums or surrounding microphones that can cause buzzing noises in the mix and in-ear monitoring. US Patent 8415548.

Bass drum stand.

On a bass drum mounted stand CRS prevents your cymbal form ringing when you hit the drum. It also prevent vibrations from the cymbal making buzzing noises in the bass drum.

The best of two worlds.

CRS makes your cymbal stands a combination of a suspended stand and a traditional stand. Because of the way CRS is constructed, you get the stability from a traditional stand, and the opportunity for the cymbal to resonate freely without rattles or vibrations like on a suspended stand.

CRS and percussion.

CRS has a use for percussionists too, giving mounted instruments more resonance and sustain while isolating them from each other. “A common problem is tambourines making unwanted noise when attached to the same stand/holder as other instruments. «I was sure CRS would fix this as soon as I discovered the product. Thank you for making my life easier!» Axel Fagerberg

You are amazingly creative!

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