Cymbal Resonance System

New invention for drums and percussion. Makes your cymbal stand a combination of a suspended stand and a traditional stand. CRS isolates the cymbal from the stand with a rubber insolation. This allows the cymbal to resonate freely and steadily on your stand without rattles. US Patent 8415548.

Studio and Live.

CRS prevents cymbal vibrations transferring through floors, racks and stands to surrounding microphones. This can sometimes cause low frequency wooing sounds in the mix and in-ear monitoring.

Protects the cymbals.

Cause the CRS also is working as a shock absorber it has the potential to extend the life of a cymbal and prevent cracks, especially for “heavy hitters”.

Rack and bass drum mounted stands.

CRS prevents cymbals from being activated and ringing when you hit the bass drum or other drums on a rack setup. It also prevent vibrations from a bass drum mounted cymbal making wooing sounds in the drum.

The best of two worlds.

CRS makes your cymbal stands a combination of a suspended stand and a traditional stand. Because of the way CRS is constructed, you get the stability from a traditional stand, and the opportunity for the cymbal to resonate freely without rattles or vibrations like on a suspended stand.

Customer Reviews.

Daniel Schröder


CRS mounts are absolutely ingenious in function, construction quality and design. They will completely decouple your cymbals from anything else – cymbals will react and sound precisely like when balanced on fingers.

The main effects for me are…
– increased sustain (esp. when played softly)
– increased sparkle / top end frequencies
– increased clarity and evenness of decay
– no rattling of stands, even with heavy ride + mallets
– no activation of my stack from kick or FT hits”

(See full review on the CRS 7-Pack)

Michael Hare

“Hobbyist drummer playing with Zildjian L80s (low volume cymbals) experiencing distracting resonance/vibrations being transferred when using tom clamps on existing cymbal stands or mounting cymbals on my bass drum. The CRS system is very effective at eliminating the unwanted resonance and I’m happy with my purchase. I had a few questions before purchasing and was prompt, courteous and informative. Product arrived well packaged to the US three days after ordering.”

Craig Farr

“Hands down the best accessory invented in many years. On stage and in the studio this is a life saver for eliminating unwanted noise from your stands and making cymbals shine. I’ve even got my woodblock on one of these babies.”

Dave Mattacks

“If you’re conscientious about how your cymbals sound as much as your drums , this great device is for you .. the way a good isolation system helps a tom resonate is analogous to what this does for your ‘pies’ – highly recommended!”

Dorin Pop

“Best cymbals accessories!!!
Its a must have!”


“Here’s a super idea that can change the quality of your sound and improve the result in recording studio. I recommend to the percussionists that they use a rack and want to avoid the vibrations! Thanks CRS”

Todd Welcz

“Amazing product, really helps separate percussion instruments. (Woodblock~tambourine)”


“Super to be used for tender as well as heavy use of your cymbals. It really makes a difference”


“I bought it last year 2018 and never regret using them. CRS has became part of my drumming setup when comes to cymbals. Try it and you know what I meant when you heard your cymbals sing, you know what I meant.”

Toni Mateos

“Absolutely a nice idea! It improves the sound of my cymbals and avoids undesired noises. Very useful!”

Sondre Rasmussen

“I recently got myself a pair of the CRS units. Ive been using them at every gig since and I couldnt be more happy with them. The free-floating system creates a beautiful stick articulation on the cymbal and allows you to use all the washy potensial of the cymbal.”

CRS and percussion.

CRS has a use for percussionists too, giving mounted instruments more resonance and sustain while isolating them from each other. “A common problem is tambourines making unwanted noise when attached to the same stand/holder as other instruments. «I was sure CRS would fix this as soon as I discovered the product. Thank you for making my life easier!» Axel Fagerberg

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