Cymbal Resonance System

Makes your cymbal stand a combination of a suspended stand and a traditional stand. CRS isolates the cymbal from the stand with a rubber insolation. This allows the cymbal to resonate freely and steadily on your stand without rattles.

US Patent 8415548.

Studio and Live.

CRS prevents cymbal vibrations transferring through floors, racks, and stands to surrounding microphones. This can sometimes cause low frequency “wooing” sounds in the mix and in-ear monitoring.

Protects the cymbals.

Owing to it’s unique shock absorbing design, the CRS has the potential to extend the life of a cymbal and prevent cracks, especially for heavy hitters.

Rack and bass drum mounted stands.

CRS prevents cymbals from being activated when you hit the bass drum or other drums on a rack setup, which can cause a ringing sound. It also prevents vibrations from a bass drum mounted cymbal, which can make wooing sounds in the drum itself.

The best of two worlds.

CRS combines the advantages of suspended and traditional stands, offering great stability, while also allowing the cymbal to resonate freely. This is achieved by isolating the cymbal from the stand with a rubber insulator, which lets the cymbal move steadily and uninhibited on your stand, while at the same time preventing unwanted rattles.

Clean sound 

Protection | Isolation


CRS and percussion.

CRS has a use for percussionists too, giving mounted instruments more resonance and sustain while isolating them from each other.“A common problem is tambourines making unwanted noise when attached to the same stand/holder as other instruments” By preventing vibrations from reaching your instruments, CRS ensures that your kit sounds exactly as it should.

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