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CRS is a combinaton of a suspended stand and a traditional stand. CRS isolate the cymbal from the stand. This allows the cymbal to resonate freely without rattles. This also prevent vibration transfering to microphone stands that can cause direct buzzing noises in the mix and in-ear monitoring.

A hard plastic sleeve is included to protect the threads on the stand when mounting the CRS.


Additional information

Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 210 × 100 × 135 mm

5 reviews for CRS 3-Pack (5% discount pr.unit)

  1. Sondre Rasmussen

    I recently got myself a pair of the CRS units. Ive been using them at every gig since and I couldnt be more happy with them. The free-floating system creates a beautiful stick articulation on the cymbal and allows you to use all the washy potensial of the cymbal.

  2. Jonas Pedersen

    Great quality, service and results!

  3. Ola Winkler

    When I first heard of the CRS I thought it was an one trick pony that only provided more sustain to the cymbals. But when trying it I really got inspired by how much more this thing affects the sound and touch. First of all my cymbals sounded instantly better to me. Some of the harsh over tones was less appearing and it felt like the cymbal was breathing instead of being choked by the regular stand. This made it possible to get great response and tone from the cymbals even when playing super soft. One
    more thing that I didn’t expect was that CRS also made the cymbals rebound in a softer way, almost like hitting a drum head instead of a piece of metal mounted on a metal pole.

  4. Daniel Feldman

    I got a set of three about a year ago. I originally bought it to eliminate de vibrations between my kick drum and my cymbal since I have an attachment coming from the bass drum. I used to hear the resonance every time I hit my bass drum and now it’s completely gone. I also use it for percussion rigs in order to isolate different sounds. Their simply amazing overall and finely designed, recommended for any serious drummer/percussionist!


    My cymbal finally breathe freely.

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