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CRS is a combinaton of a suspended stand and a traditional stand. CRS isolate the cymbal from the stand. This allows the cymbal to resonate freely without rattles. This also prevent vibration transfering to microphone stands that can cause direct buzzing noises in the mix and in-ear monitoring.

A hard plastic sleeve is included to protect the threads on the stand when mounting the CRS.


Additional information

Weight 1600 g
Dimensions 210 × 100 × 180 mm

6 reviews for CRS 4-Pack (8% discount pr.unit)


    Here’s a super idea that can change the quality of your sound and improve the result in recording studio. I recommend to the percussionists that they use a rack and want to avoid the vibrations! Thanks CRS

  2. Todd Welcz

    Amazing product, really helps separate percussion instruments. (Woodblock~tambourine)

  3. Eddie

    Super to be used for tender as well as heavy use of your cymbals. It really makes a difference

  4. jazz75bc

    I bought it last year 2018 and never regret using them. CRS has became part of my drumming setup when comes to cymbals. Try it and you know what I meant when you heard your cymbals sing, you know what I meant.

  5. Toni Mateos

    Absolutely a nice idea! It improves the sound of my cymbals and avoids undesired noises. Very useful!

  6. George Tan

    When it comes to getting a better sound or finding more comfort in setting up drumkit configurations, I am always on the look-out for innovating technologies and gadgets to improve my drumming experience.

    When CRS caught my attention I was convinced it would make a difference in sound and playing comfort, simply because it made sense.

    Because I am quite a “heavy hitter”, my cymbals have a lot to endure and when hitting a cymbal, I could always hear and feel interference with the rest of the drumkit, vibrating through stands onto the floor. When I heard about CRS I figured this might well do the trick.

    So I ordered a CRS 4 pack and I was excited to try them out. I was very pleased with both sound and playing comfort of my cymbals. It is a funny, when you do cymbal chokes, it feels different to your fingers, proving this system works.

    I was mesmerized by the sound of my cymbals, amazing what a difference CRS makes. I could hear my cymbals with a crystal clear sound, no resonating interference what so ever!

    Because the system absorbs the initial hit, I truly believe it is also better for the lifetime of your cymbals. Keyholes and cymbal cracks might belong to the past when using CRS. I can hit twice as hard without having to worry about breaking my cymbals.

    The CRS truly delivers upon their promise and I am glad I followed my guts. CRS is definitely a no brainer and worth trying.

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