Cymbal Resonance System

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Key Features

  • Unique design eliminates unwanted vibrations
  • Shock absorbing function protects cymbal cracking
  • Combines functions of traditional stand and suspended stand
  • Simple ergonomic construction is highly durable

The CRS Cymbal Resonance System is a redefining cymbal stand mount that eliminates unwanted vibrations from other instruments to provide a truly isolated cymbal sound that unlocks your cymbal’s full resonance and sustain potential. Its shock-absorbing function takes out all vibrations and rattles often emitted from other instruments on stage as well as in the studio for a crystal clear sound you’ll just have to hear to believe!

Not only does the CRS System reduce unwanted vibrations, but it also has the potential to protect your cymbals from cracking around the bell by cushioning every strike, especially for heavy-hitting drummers. The system also caters for percussionists that use wood blocks, tambourines, cowbells etc in order to produce focused, controlled tones in any setting. Upgrade your drumming sound effortlessly but significantly with the CRS Cymbal Resonance System!

NOTISE! The original CRS cymbal sleeve is made of soft silicone rubber to give maximum effect but, they don’t last as long as traditional hard plastic sleeves.

A hard plastic protecting mounting sleeve is included to protect the threads on the stand when mounting the CRS.
Mounting tube inner diameter: 12,5mm

Cymbal Resonance System is a Norwegian invention and design.

Units1 - 2 0%
Units3 5%
Units4 - 6 7%
Units7 + 10%

Additional information

Weight400 g
Dimensions170 × 65 × 40 mm

21 reviews for Cymbal Resonance System

  1. Sondre Rasmussen

    I recently got myself a pair of the CRS units. Ive been using them at every gig since and I couldnt be more happy with them. The free-floating system creates a beautiful stick articulation on the cymbal and allows you to use all the washy potensial of the cymbal.


    Here’s a super idea that can change the quality of your sound and improve the result in recording studio. I recommend to the percussionists that they use a rack and want to avoid the vibrations! Thanks CRS

  3. Jonas Pedersen

    Great quality, service and results!

  4. Todd Welcz

    Amazing product, really helps separate percussion instruments. (Woodblock~tambourine)

  5. Eddie

    Super to be used for tender as well as heavy use of your cymbals. It really makes a difference

  6. jazz75bc

    I bought it last year 2018 and never regret using them. CRS has became part of my drumming setup when comes to cymbals. Try it and you know what I meant when you heard your cymbals sing, you know what I meant.

  7. Craig Farr

    Hands down the best accessory invented in many years. On stage and in the studio this is a life saver for eliminating unwanted noise from your stands and making cymbals shine. I’ve even got my woodblock on one of these babies

  8. Dorin Pop

    Best cymbals accessories!!!

  9. dave mattacks

    if you’re conscientious about how your cymbals sound as much as your drums , this great device is for you .. the way a good isolation system helps a tom resonate is analogous to what this does for your ‘pies’ – highly recommended !

  10. Toni Mateos

    Absolutely a nice idea! It improves the sound of my cymbals and avoids undesired noises. Very useful!

  11. Ola Winkler

    When I first heard of the CRS I thought it was an one trick pony that only provided more sustain to the cymbals. But when trying it I really got inspired by how much more this thing affects the sound and touch. First of all my cymbals sounded instantly better to me. Some of the harsh over tones was less appearing and it felt like the cymbal was breathing instead of being choked by the regular stand. This made it possible to get great response and tone from the cymbals even when playing super soft. One
    more thing that I didn’t expect was that CRS also made the cymbals rebound in a softer way, almost like hitting a drum head instead of a piece of metal mounted on a metal pole.

  12. Daniel Feldman

    I got a set of three about a year ago. I originally bought it to eliminate de vibrations between my kick drum and my cymbal since I have an attachment coming from the bass drum. I used to hear the resonance every time I hit my bass drum and now it’s completely gone. I also use it for percussion rigs in order to isolate different sounds. Their simply amazing overall and finely designed, recommended for any serious drummer/percussionist!


    My cymbal finally breathe freely.

  14. George Tan

    When it comes to getting a better sound or finding more comfort in setting up drumkit configurations, I am always on the look-out for innovating technologies and gadgets to improve my drumming experience.

    When CRS caught my attention I was convinced it would make a difference in sound and playing comfort, simply because it made sense.

    Because I am quite a “heavy hitter”, my cymbals have a lot to endure and when hitting a cymbal, I could always hear and feel interference with the rest of the drumkit, vibrating through stands onto the floor. When I heard about CRS I figured this might well do the trick.

    So I ordered a CRS 4 pack and I was excited to try them out. I was very pleased with both sound and playing comfort of my cymbals. It is a funny, when you do cymbal chokes, it feels different to your fingers, proving this system works.

    I was mesmerized by the sound of my cymbals, amazing what a difference CRS makes. I could hear my cymbals with a crystal clear sound, no resonating interference what so ever!

    Because the system absorbs the initial hit, I truly believe it is also better for the lifetime of your cymbals. Keyholes and cymbal cracks might belong to the past when using CRS. I can hit twice as hard without having to worry about breaking my cymbals.

    The CRS truly delivers upon their promise and I am glad I followed my guts. CRS is definitely a no brainer and worth trying.

  15. Michael Hare

    Although I ordered a 3-pack I’m leaving a review on the 1-pack page.

    Hobbyist drummer playing with Zildjian L80s (low volume cymbals) experiencing distracting resonance/vibrations being transferred when using tom clamps on existing cymbal stands or mounting cymbals on my bass drum. The CRS system is very effective at eliminating the unwanted resonance and I’m happy with my purchase. I had a few questions before purchasing and was prompt, courteous and informative. Product arrived well packaged to the US three days after ordering.

  16. Daniel Schröder


    CRS mounts are absolutely ingenious in function, construction quality and design. They will completely decouple your cymbals from anything else – cymbals will react and sound precisely like when balanced on fingers.

    The main effects for me are…
    – increased sustain (esp. when played softly)
    – increased sparkle / top end frequencies
    – increased clarity and evenness of decay
    – no rattling of stands, even with heavy ride + mallets
    – no activation of my stack from kick or FT hits

    Long story:

    I LOVE cymbals. I play a very nice selection of earthy dry and dark cymbals, hand picked over several years. I have always loved the way these sound when balanced on a finger. If you’re anything like me, you have probably tried out all felt combinations to find out which hinders the cymbal’s movement and sound the least. Of course you do not use top felts either and see no need for top screws.

    I have always felt (xD) the need to elevate my cymbal performance from the sound alteration of even the best cymbal stands and smallest, least intrusive felts out there. But it was not until I read of CRS mounts that I thought I had found a viable solution.

    Even if you want to use a top felt to reduce a crash’s swinging, these are for you and might even increase their life time if you use less than ideal hitting technique – read on for more details. (And write me for a guide on cymbal technique.)

    I watched some YT videos and was thrilled that I could actually hear a difference in sounds that was very promising to my ear. The decay seemed to be a little longer and the sound was different, so I thought to myself “I need to give this a try, might be just what I am after”.

    I ordered seven mounts. The customer support was VERY helpful, friendly and hands on from before buying until after they arrived. Purchase and shipment were fast and easy.

    A slight disadvantage is the forcefully increased height that the CRS mounts introduce. It’s about 10cm and I had to shorten one stand to accommodate for this, but usually and for most, it should not be an issue.

    After installing them, I had to realise that in person, the effects on sound were so much more prominent than on youtube! I could not believe how much clarity especially my rides gained. The sound grew a sort of “confidence” that was not the sole result of the very slight increase in volume the mounts bring with them. The top end shimmer was elevated a little, which was a very welcome addition to the sustain. With dark, dry, earthy cymbals especially, this helps a bit in situations where they might seem a little dull. The touch of the cymbals became different, too – they feel more buttery especially on bell strokes to play due to the slight give that the mounts provide. This does NOT reduce precision or reliability at all, it’s not like the mounts wobble around! This has been especially nice for my china cymbal, which is the only one I have to clamp down a liiittle out of necessity if I play the lip down like most people do. The CRS mounts provide enough flexibility so that china hits do not sound choked or dull anymore. Also, any rattling I experienced before when swelling my rides (esp. the 3100g one) was gone for good – swells are 100% clean now. Also, no rattling of my large stack by kick or floor tom hits – I play it wide ooen without a too felt, too and it is hella sensitive.

    All in all, to say I am pleased would be the understatement of the year. I love my cymbals to death and these mounts finally allow their full potential, these last 10% to shine unhindered. I am regularly just playing the cymbals, listening to them without being displeased by a Thin Crash choking when played very softly or a swelled ride shaking the room or enjoying the total jazz factor of the unbelievably sweetness they provide to rides.

    Yes, they simply ARE THAT GOOD. Worth every penny, and doubly so. I wholeheartedly recommend buying at LEAST one if you are a jazzer (or anybody, really) and see what difference it makes on a ride or thin crash. Trust me, you will never want to put your cymbals on rigid stands ever again. Experience it yourself and thank me later, it’s worth the investment if you are after the ultimate cymbal sound experience like I am. All I wrote is especially true and important in recording, which is another hobby of mine. Your studio will love them!

  17. Yuri Selukoff

    Ok, I honestly didn’t expect much, ordered out of simple curiousity. But these things are awesome!

    Here’s what my ears are telling me: these things preserve high-frequency components of a sustain at low-to-medium volumes. So when you’re playing a cymbal realtively quietly, it sounds reacher and more musical.

    I especially notice the difference with splash cymbals. Which is no surprise since the higher frequencies is all those tiny cymbals are about.

  18. Sylvain Poitras

    This product is so worth it! I installed a cymbal on my snare with a hoop clamp and the cymbal vibrations were making my snare wires hum. The CRS effectively decoupled the cymbal from snare and its vibration produces no unwanted noise. As a bonus, the cymbal has never sounded so good! I don’t understand why this isn’t on every drum kit.

  19. Matt Parmenter

    These mounts noticeably improved the sound of my drum recordings. I do a ton of tracking with various levels of drummers, and across the board their cymbals sound better, and I have less random resonance cleanup to deal with when mixing. What’s really interesting to me is how much unwanted low frequency garbage was removed from the sound of the cymbals. I can get really usable ride sounds with close mics without having to roll off nearly as much low frequency as before.

    They also help odd percussion resonate more clearly. I have a selection of old metal hubcaps I’ve drilled out to use as junkyard percussion, and I’ve actually gained a lot more tone out of them.

  20. Bruce Trimble

    This is long overdue solution to release the natural sounds of cymbals. Highly recommended!

  21. Günther Schneeberger

    I don’t have a band myself, I only deal with the drums in the rehearsal room – but I attach great importance to quality.
    Every drummer who wants a high quality sound should actually use this CRS system!

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