Shipping and import process

Shipping and import process

Is this your first time buying something outside your own country? Are you wondering how the shipping and import process works?

Underneath we explain in simple steps how it works.



Shortly after you have bought a product from our web shop you will receive a confirmation email with an enclosed PDF invoice.


Shipping and import

We are using DHL Express as our shipping courier.
DHL Express is global and one of the fastest shipping companies in the world.

Usually shipping time is 3-5 working days.


All prices in our web shop are stated inclusive local tax and duties.

DHL Express Conditions: Prepaid Duties & Taxes

With ‘Prepaid Duties & Taxes’ shipping options, also known as ‘DDP’, all the import taxes and fees will be included when you place your order. Your package will be processed through customs quicker and you will not need to pay handling fees to the carrier at a later time.



You will receive an email from DHL with a link you can use to track your shipment.


We offer DHL Express On Demand Delivery (ODD)

On Demand Delivery offers you various handy and flexible delivery options. In other words, you can choose when and where DHL Express delivers the parcel.

DHL Express thereby ensures that the delivery is as smooth as the online purchase.